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Matthew Drudge launched the US news aggregation website The Drudge Report with Charles Hurt and Daniel Halper. Changes in its economic model in mid-to-late 2019 have put doubt on its ownership and political leanings.

Links to other media outlets’ political, entertainment, and current affairs news, as well as several columnists, dominate the site. Drudge Report was a weekly subscriber email distribution that started in 1995. After Newsweek “defused the coverage.” it was the first to report the Clinton-Lewinsky controversy.

Drudge Report Origins

Since 1995, The Drudge Report has covered Hollywood and D.C. gossip. Matt Drudge began an email newsletter from his Hollywood, California, flat and broke media insider scoops before widespread coverage. An aide chose news and headlines for Drudge from Miami Beach. Assistant Andy Breitbart was his first. Breitbart, “Matt Drudge’s bitch,” runs the Drudge Report and Breitbart News, a conservative Los Angeles entertainer website. Worked afternoons. 

Ziegler claims Drudge forbade Breitbart from criticizing Obama during the 2008 US presidential campaign. Joseph Carr joined Drudge in 2010. In 2011, Charles Hart was hired. Charles Hart, former NYP Washington bureau chief, and Washington Times columnist. Right Read, a Washington Times aggregator, was founded by Karl, a morning editor, with Drudge’s permission in January 2015. 

The 1997 Drudge Report began with a $10 grant. Jack Kemp was named Republican Bob Dole’s running mate in a 1996 email newsletter, attracting national attention. In 1998, Mr. Drudge delayed Newsweek’s article about a “White House intern” having an affair with President Bill Clinton, highlighting the Monica Lewinsky crisis. Newsweek reported Drudge’s tip.


Drudge Report
Drudge Report

Drudge Report generally links to global news sites with Drudge or editor-written headlines. Articles are linked from mainstream media. Sometimes Drudge writes two- or three-paragraph pieces. Articles are usually for major publications and magazines. Drudge publishes Nielsen, Arbitron, and Bookscan ratings and early election exit polls. 

In April 2009, the AP announced it would investigate Google and Drudge Report’s fair use of free AP content. US AG statement, May 4, 2009: Massachusetts workers should avoid the Reports and other sites with malware-laden advertisements. In March 2010, Avast! Drudge Report alleged that the New York Times, Yahoo, Google, MySpace, and other ads include viruses. 


The 1997 site design remains. On Drudge’s August 2017 vacation, black-and-white photos and colored text appeared. Ongoing site testing. Their layouts matched. Bold monospaced black-on-white HTML. In PC World, Macworld, and Publish, Mrs. Woodard and Mr. Ramell dubbed the Report “a massive, haphazard collection of links and photos.”. 

The word for “popular despite its humble appearance.” Webwithoutwords.com’s Paul Armstrong thinks that Drudge Report’s website is easy and brings back memories. 

Jason Fried of Basecamp called it “one of the most designed sites on the web.” Banners and three monospaced headings emerge. Newspaper websites are regularly cited. Drudge Report posts “developing” news with few facts or exclusive scoops. 

Text, maybe graphics. The Drudge Report prioritizes site stories. Commonly, the main article above the masthead logo and one sentence sum up the day’s top story. Articles around the header link to top-left specialists. Black links appear under story titles or logos. 

Three rows under the title are typical. Under columns are links. Middle columnists, news agencies, archives, emails, site stats, and anonymous posting boxes. Publications with left columns. Useful advice. “Weather Action” links data. 

Drudge Report hosts “Quake Sheet” and tracks earthquakes. The freshest and most essential Drudge stories are red and bright. Red Drudge for breaking news. The site features 5-6 images. Hotlinked news photographs come from other sources.

Political leanings

Yet “more populist,” reporters label Drudge Report a “conservative news aggregator.” Fortune editor Richard Sicross called the Report a “conservative loudhailer” in 2008. Peter Wallsten of the LA Times called Drudge a “prominent conservative warrior.”. NYT’s Saul Hansel labeled him a “conservative crook.”. NYC magazine called Glenn Greenwald a “right-wing hacker” in August 2007. The report causes New Republic global warming, says Swick. 

Between movie frames, Drodge ineffectively eats Senator Imhoff’s press releases and Al Gore’s attacks. Blogger Ben Shapiro said, “The American Left cannot restrict internet use or ban talk radio, so it is important to outlaw these news sources.” Alternative news needs criticism. 

American Left cannot compete with Right socially.” New media alleges Matt Drudge is a crook and yellow journalist. Drudge scored “slightly left of center.” in 2005. Nearly all the “big” items are elsewhere. Matt Drudge rarely blogs. Left-wing Drudge Report showcases media bias.” Prof. Mark Liberman complained about this study’s statistical approach, saying liberal politicians value think tank opinions but not conservatism. 

The study’s methodology and conservative think tank writers were questioned by Spinwatch. In 2015 and 2016, Salon and Politico dubbed Drudge “all-in for Trump” in the Republican primaries. CNN Business called the 2019 impeachment “an overwhelming amount of negative news for President Trump.

Summarized Drudge Report. CNN forecasts are divided. The Rasmussen Report reported the editorial change was due to Matt Drudge’s 2019 sale and departure. Reports uncovered. Conservatives are worried about Drudge’s 2020 losses. “Matt Drudge is now a staunch progressive leftist.” Westminster University Austrian social scientist Christian Fuchs termed the report alt-right in 2020.

It’s unique

Staying on the Drudge Report is your only option. Your location is crystal clear. An icon, indeed, is the design. Exactly how many other news websites can make that claim? You might have trouble telling this news network apart from others if you were to remove their logos (CNN, MSNBC, FOX News, ABC News, CBS News, etc.). In a way, they all have the same, generic vibe of a news website. While several stand out, not even the New York Times or the Wall Street Journal are very remarkable. The design by Drudge is unique.

This is important

A lot of news outlets no longer have any guts. They are hesitant to publicly address a major story. Their top headline isn’t very noteworthy or unique compared to others. It lacks assurance, even though the font size is slightly larger. They use hedging tactics. But according to Drudge, “This is the story of the moment,” with a massive headline. 

At the moment, nothing else is more pressing than this in the headlines. Drudge isn’t hesitant to voice his opinions as an editor, and his website design reflects that. It’s daring, it could backfire, and it’s trademark Drudge style.

Breaking news is breaking news

Drudge Report
Drudge Report

Are you a fan of CNN or MSNBC’s “Breaking News”? Nearly anything may be presented as current events these days. “Someone interviewed about this or that” is turning into a big story. There was a time when “breaking news” meant that something very noteworthy had occurred. There has been significant watering down by the main news outlets. 

After seeing MSNBC and CNN’s “breaking news” bars (often red and yellow), I’ve learned to ignore them because they’ve been so dramatic before. On Drudge, though, a large, flashing siren-adorned title in all capital letters lets you know that it’s newsworthy.

One guy can run it

With the support of an occasional part-time contributor, the site is run full-time by Matt Drudge. He would probably require more resources (both human and technological) to operate a site with five, ten, or thirty pages.

No news is the news

News sites include Drudge Report. This site has no “content”. But that’s noteworthy. Even headlines can be news. Drudge destroys narratives without creating them. The Drudge Report breaks stories with a title and image, unlike other news websites. No design can avoid that.

Turns people away so they’ll come back

The Report is completely devoid of content. On occasion, he may publish an email or memorandum on his site; nevertheless, the vast majority of the content is sourced from external news outlets. In order to lure you back, his site is set up to take you somewhere else. If you visit his site frequently to get to other places, you will continue to return to go to other places. The higher the number of times you exit the Drudge Report, the more often you visit it. One of the tricks to increasing traffic is to drive people away more often so that they return.

It’s fast

The Report is what you get when you go to that website. Commercial breaks are not present. You won’t experience any lag. The buffering is nonexistent. Instant content is all that’s available. Even though it’s just maintained by one person, the Report manages to get three million unique visitors every month—quite an accomplishment. By the way, according to CNN, the 3,000,000 unique visitors every month translates to hundreds of millions of pageviews.

It’s cheap to maintain

Neither a fancy nor any CMS is necessary for the design of the Drudge Report. Editing is done by hand. At most, his overhead is a couple of thousand dollars per month. A few million dollars in revenue is generated from a few thousand dollars in annual overhead. I think that’s a great plan.

It’s one page

Page one of the Drudge Report. That one page with the title and the three columns is the center of attention for every single visitor. He has a perfect grasp of how and what the public would see it. It’s safe to say that every single mystery page has undergone some sort of change or is functioning normally. There’s just one page to peruse and one page to complete. As is, so is. None of that pretending to be something it’s not is necessary.

It makes him a great living

The anticipated annual income for Matt Drudge is “over a million” dollars, according to public ad rates and traffic figures. Impressive for just one web page in monochrome.

These are just a few of the many reasons why I consider The Report to be a top-notch example of web design. Leave it there.

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Finally, the Drudge Report proves that well-planned web design greatly influences user experiences. It is widely considered to be one of the most well-designed websites due to its spare aesthetic, clever use of headlines, well-planned color scheme, and dedication to easy navigation.

Not only does the Drudge Report stand out from the crowd, but its focus on simplicity makes it easy for consumers to digest information without interruptions. Headlines that make an impression work as a lighthouse, leading readers through an ocean of information while maintaining a constant style and format.

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