The Ultimate Guide to Clash Royale: 7 Tips from Experts

Clash Royale
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The newest and most popular competitive multiplayer game in the market is Clash Royale. Matches having a duration of 3 minutes determine your skills at the game. However, mastering Clash Royale is no easy feat.

If you feel like your progress at the game has hit a plateau, we are here with some tips to help change that. Though Clash Royale was inspired by Clash of Clans, the gameplay methods and techniques are completely different. Clash Royale is a multiplayer game where your opponent and you have three towers on each side. The one who breaks the most towers in a Clash Royale match wins.

You can use a variety of cards in Clash Royale which cast spells such as Lightning and Electro Giants. The basis of the game is that you have a deck of 8 cards to win every game, and this blog will delve into helping you understand how to get the best deck and play every card. 

Clash Royale: Tips on Pushing Ranks, Clan Wars, Winning Trophies, and More

Clash Royale:
Clash Royale

There are two aspects to Clash Royale’s gameplay: deck-building and strategy. Using a combination of these two helps form a proper strategy so that you can make the most of your deck, and you can find Clash Royale accounts here

Clash Royale: Deck-Building Tips and Strategies

Make Balanced Decks 

If you want to form the best deck in Clash Royale, you need buildings, attackers, defenders, and spells. You need a combination of cards, for example, Hog Riders can only be used for attacking but Giants can be used for the attack as well as defense. 

To understand balanced decks better, you need to check out various lists of best decks. Most lists of balanced decks will have at least one attack card, usually some spells for instant damage and defense. Other important cards to have are some characters that can defend your towers while helping the aggressors. 

Use Spells In Your Deck 

Ensure that your Clash Royale deck of cards includes a spell. This is because they are the only cards in Clash Royale that deal guaranteed damage if used correctly. Ensure that you don’t waste spells on towers unless they can one-shot them. An expert’s tip is to place a spell over a swarm of enemies to maximize advantages. 

Check the Elixir Efficiency of a Deck

Clash Royale
Clash Royale

You need to have a balanced Elixir efficiency when it comes to your deck. You can’t win a battle with a deck of eight high-Elixir cards such as Royal Giants and Three Musketeers. You need to balance out your Elixir cost by adding Skeletons, Goblins, Fire Spirit, Ice Spirit, and other characters. The average Elixir cost of your deck also gives you an idea of how often you’ll be able to use your Clash Royale cards. You need troops to defend your towers in emergencies even though a heavy attack strategy is important. Try not to underestimate low-Elixir cards such as a group of Skeletons because they can easily provide you with a three Elixir advantage by taking down a Minni P.E.K.K.A.

Upgrade Cards

Upgrade the cards you use most on your Clash Royale Strategy. The level of your cards is significant in the game. You need to be able to join Clans that will regularly give you card donations. You also need to ensure that you manage Gold and Gems properly and only spend them on cards that are meta-relevant. 

Legendaries are Good, but not a Need

Rare cards can only be unlocked in Clash Royale through luck or money. Even if you have neither, you can easily take advantage of the game’s opportunities to unlock cards till Epic Rarity, and further upgrade them using the Shop. For example, the only way you can effectively counter an Electro Giant is by exploiting it’s large range. You can place a building at the edge of the Electo Giant’s range to divert it to the Archer Tower Lane. 

The placement of spells and buildings is a significant deciding factor. For example, placing a Fire Spirit right after a Goblin Barrel doesn’t help you target all three Goblins. But, a key strategy is to place Skeletons before the Fire Spirit to clear all the Goblins in one go.

Ensure that your attacking cards are not placed right on the bridge. It’s more efficient to place attackers like Lava Balloon and Giants at the end of your territory. This helps you with getting more time to anticipate your opponent’s defense and place more troops behind the tank to strengthen your attack. 


Card placement can help you with defense in Clash Royale as well. An expert’s tip is to avoid placing too many cards close to each other because this would allow a single spell to take them down. On a similar note, you can use buildings to lure your opponents but you need to be careful about placing them too close or too far.

Sometimes, going for a defense-based strategy can mess with your Elixir efficiency. You need to be careful of when a Golem is approaching and not use up all of your Elixir. Sometimes, the best strategy is to wait for your opponent to use their spells.  


Attacking is the best and most popular Clash Royale strategy. A deck can easily be rendered useless based on your usage of the troops. For example, you cannot use a Hog Rider by itself to take down a tower but you can increase the damage output by using it with a spell.

On the other hand, tanks such as Golems, Giants, and Lava Hounds are known for their ability to soak incoming damage rather than their attacking skills. You can place a Balloon behind a Giant that can reach your opponent’s tower without any damage and this can be an attack strategy. 

A Conclusion: Tips on Improving Your Clash Royal Gameplay

Here are three tips to specifically keep in mind while playing Clash Royale. 

  • Take breaks in case you face a severe losing streak. 
  • Play more when Chest slots are available to you. 
  • Help your upgrades with Chest drop cards. 

We hope this blog helped you improve your Clash Royale gameplay strategies. Read more

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