6 Notable Platforms for Creating Augmented Reality without Coding in 2024

Augmented Reality
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Augmented reality (AR) transforms how we interact with the world around us. By overlaying digital information and objects onto the physical environment, AR makes information come alive in new immersive ways. However, creating custom AR experiences typically requires complex programming skills 

But with the development in technology, this trend is finally changing with more and more no-code-based AR designing apps giving tough competition to professional platforms. In 2024 and beyond, you can expect to see no-code tools play an instrumental role in democratizing AR development across small and mid-size brands.

Here are six of the most versatile, robust no-code AR tools to watch heading into 2024 and beyond:


ZapWorks provides one of the most fully-featured no-code augmented reality platforms available today. The intuitive drag-and-drop interface can be used to quickly connect triggers, 3D models, animations, sounds, videos, and more to craft custom AR experiences.

Creators can incorporate elements like image tracking, location-based triggers when entering specific coordinates, spatial audio, dynamic lighting, multiuser capabilities, and audience analytics.

A diverse array of templates are present that help to jumpstart projects for categories like interactive store promotions, engaging print ads, animated stickers, and filters, 3D instruction manuals, games, quizzes, and more.

You can also directly publish all the creations on all the different platforms without making specific changes for each of them.

8th wall

8thWall is an incredible platform for creating augmented reality experiences right in your web browser, with no app required. Acquired by Niantic last year, 8thWall is a WebAR platform that uses JavaScript and WebGL to render augmented reality in real-time directly in your mobile browser.

So rather than needing to download a separate app to access AR, you can just click a link on your phone and be transported into an interactive virtual world. 

8thWall utilizes some advanced tech to make the AR magic happen. Most importantly, by handling a lot of the complex AR capabilities behind the scenes, 8thWall allows developers to focus on crafting super engaging browser-based AR experiences rather than wrestling with technology. And it means anyone on a mobile device can access these experiences on the fly.


XR+ is a no-code cloud platform optimized for building location-based augmented reality (AR) experiences that come alive at specific real-world sites like tourism destinations, festivals, and cultural events.

True to its name as an extended reality (XR) platform, XR+ enables the layering of virtual elements like 3D models, audio, video, images, and text onto real environments viewed through a mobile device. This facilitates the creation of immersive, interactive stories and tours triggered by moving through locations.

Without needing coding expertise, creators can leverage XR+’s tools to visually arrange multimedia assets and define triggers tied to GPS coordinates or image targets. The platform handles developing the finished AR applications for cross-platform deployment.  


With its affordable pricing plans and drag-and-drop interface, PlugXR has emerged as a popular no-code augmented reality platform with over 50,000 users. A key appeal lies in how PlugXR streamlines AR creation with predefined templates.

Rather than needing to code, creators can build AR for web and mobile apps leveraging intuitive functionality like dragging and dropping 3D models and other assets into place. This visual editor allows rapidly developing AR prototypes or products with a polished look and interactivity. 

By handling complex development tasks in the background, PlugXR allows creators to focus efforts on crafting imaginative AR experiences. 

Vectary AR 

Vectary AR is a new-age no-code builder that helps its users bring their imagination to reality and allows them to build and design 3D models for their AR platform. By providing the necessary tools and features, they ensure that the quality of the AR content created by using this AR builder is no less to any professional designer. Some of their special features include AR-based animations and AR models for commercial purposes.   

Brand XR 

Brand XR is a simple no-code-based Augmented reality designing platform that can help your imagination come to life. With easy-to-use 3D modeling tools and ready-made templates for people completely new to the field, they have the complete repository for brands that want to use a no-code platform for their augmented reality needs. 

They also allow their users to create and publish models directly from the platform without engaging in any complicated procedure to export the assets among others. 


AR development has long carried the stigma of requiring advanced technical skills. But the growing number of capable no-code tools finally brings augmented reality creation within reach of everyday creators.

As these platforms become more proficient through 2024, you can expect remarkable AR scenes enabling more immersive brand experiences, useful consumer applications, and novel ways to explore imagination that are no longer limited solely to developers and professional designers.

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