Blu of Earth: Early Life, Relationship, net-worth, and More in 2023

Blu of Earth
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Hey fellows, today we are going to talk about Blu of Earth. Who is she? What’s so cool about her? Why is she so famous? All about her relationships, her family, her career, her net worth, and many more things. Don’t worry if you don’t know anything about her because this article will cover everything about her and will also cover all of your queries about Blu of Earth. So, let’s continue our debate over this topic.

Introduction: Blu of Earth

Blu of Earth is a well-known American podcaster, social media influencer, motivational speaker, lifestyle blogger, author, and entrepreneur.

Insiders claim that Blu is well-known around the country for her excellent podcast shows. She currently serves as the host of the DeJá Blu podcast shows, according to her Instagram page.

Blu of represents our shared dedication to safeguarding and preserving our natural environment rather than being a traditional human conservationist. Blu is a symbolic leader for the worldwide environmental movement and the voice of the Earth.

Biography about Blu of Earth

Blu of Earth

Blu of Earth is a motivational speaker, podcaster, and social media influencer from the United States of America, born on November 9, 1990.

She is a well-known podcast broadcaster and calls her show DeJa Blu “a clean reservoir of consciousness from which thirsty souls thirsting for purity, relief, and love can drink.

She is also known for opening her videos with the words “Hello, beautiful humans” before beginning to tell her stories.

Her Deja Blu podcast

People from all around the world tune in to Deja Blu’s podcast to hear what she has to say, making it highly popular. Through her podcast, she has conducted numerous high-profile interviews.

She has also teamed up with other renowned podcasters, and spiritual authorities, like Sadhguru, and promoted dedication through her social media accounts.

The co-founder of the unusual Florescence Academy is Earth. Florescence is “a modern mystery school, online and in person, to support our sisters around the world to bloom into their fullest expression and to remember the true magic of what it means to be a woman,” according to the school’s Instagram profile.

Her idea for Florescence

Over a year ago, while learning what would be the greatest contribution to the planet at this time, the idea for Florescence was first conceived.

There are various ways to connect with the Florescence Queendom, and our female-focused social media platform has recently been released. a place where you can be unrestricted in your expression of creativity.

The Earth Temple Centre of Prayer and School of Shamanic Arts is where Blu Earth studies. Additionally, she gave a speech at TED X on the subject of “From Limitation to Liberation.”

The point of view of her life

The viewpoint of Blue Earth on life may seem strange, but it makes a lot of sense. Many people, in her opinion, spend their entire lives engaging in activities that ultimately serve no one. However, by purging yourself of pointless items, you make way for more interesting events to take place in your life.

Considering that Blue of Earth frequently discusses topics that most people do not give much thought to, someone close to her is purported to have spread the rumour that she is a witch, and her rumored boyfriend recently suffered a slump in performance in the NFL, many have questioned whether she is a witch and have accused her of using witchcraft.

Blu and witch 

Blu Earth, on the other hand, has put an end to the claims that she is a witch with a post on her Instagram stories that reads, “Ps. My name is Blu.”I am not Blu of Earth,” she claims, adding that she “does not identify as a witch.” “You guys are absolutely hilarious.”

Blu Earth and her suspected boyfriend Aaron Rodgers reportedly began dating in June 2022, one month after he called it quits with prominent Hollywood actress Shailene Woodley in April 2022.

She, on the other side, had recently divorced her long-term lover, André, a social media influencer and the founder of Meraki Media and KnowYourself.

Even though Blu of Earth remained mute about her relationship with Aaron Rodgers, he was photographed with a tattoo of her, his new girlfriend, and they broke up six months later, according to media reports in December 2022.

Blu of Earth Age & Early Life

Blu of Earth

Between 1987 and 1992, Blu Earth was born. She will be between 30 and 35 years old in 2022. She was also raised in the United States. Her official website states that she attended a British boarding school to start her life.

According to her Instagram profile, she is religious. Blu’s real name is Charlotte Brereton, according to rumors. She earned a bachelor’s degree from an approved college. She later started a podcast.

The goal of Blu is to promote the preservation of the numerous species and ecosystems that make up our planet. Through a variety of platforms, including social media, documentaries, and public appearances, they actively promote sustainable living, conservation initiatives, and the value of biodiversity.

Marvels of nature

Blu is a well-known educator who uses their platform to spread awareness of the marvels of nature and instill inspiration in people of all ages.

They place a strong emphasis on the interdependence of all species and the necessity of caring for the environment.

Blu uses social media and current technology to appeal to a global audience. They have a sizable following online, with millions of subscribers across a range of channels, making them a prominent voice in the online environmental movement.

Blu of Earth Family, Parents (Ethnicity & Nationality)

The accounts claim that Blu was born into a stable family. She practises Christianity as her religion. She also adheres to Hinduism, according to her Instagram profile. Blu withholds any information about her parents, though.

According to her social media posts, Blu enjoys hanging out with her friends and coworkers. We’ll look for specifics regarding Blu’s family and let you know as soon as we do.

Blu of Earth Boyfriend and Dating

Blu Earth is dating who? According to her Instagram feed, Blu was dating her longtime partner,, André. According to sources, he is also the founder of Meraki Media and a social media influencer.

In addition, André is well-recognized for creating KnowYourself. Recent speculation claims that André and Blu are no longer together. In June 2022, she was associated with Aaron Rodgers.

The New York Post reported that Aaron and Blu were spotted together with a group of people. Only two months had passed since Rodgers’ engagement to Shailene Woodley as an actress was broken off before they were spotted together.

Following this, rumours about Blu and Aaron’s relationship spread. Blu Earth, on the other hand, keeps her current relationship a secret.

Who is Blu of Earth dating?

Blu’s Instagram page indicated that she was dating her longtime partner André. is also the founder of Meraki Media and a social media influencer, according to sources.

André is best known for developing KnowThySel, but other than that, There are rumours that André and Blu are no longer together. Her name was connected to Aaron Rodgers in June 2022.

A quick look about Career Blu of Earth

Blu is a renowned figure in the realm of social media influence and podcast hosting. She initiated her own podcast series titled “DeJá Blu” and even introduced a captivating Season 2 for her listeners to enjoy.

Beyond her digital presence, Blu is a multi-talented artist and an inspiring motivational speaker, amplifying her impact in various domains.

What sets Blu apart is her remarkable collaborations with esteemed spiritual luminaries, including the likes of Sadhguru, which add depth and insight to her content. Her reach extends further as she generously shares spiritual messages on her active social media platforms.

Moreover, Blu’s YouTube channel boasts an impressive following of over 23.2K subscribers, and she has embarked on an exciting journey with her podcast and travel documentary series. Her influence has even taken her to the prestigious stage of TEDx, where her ideas have undoubtedly left a lasting impression.

What is the Net worth Blu of Earth in 2024?

What is Blu Earth’s current net worth?  Blu is a charming podcaster who makes a living from her line of work. She also founded Florescence, a modern mystery school where women may rediscover their wonderful, profoundly authentic, intelligent, wild, and unapologetically seductive selves.

As of February 2024, Blu Earth’s net worth is projected to be between $2 and $3 million (about).

Is Blu of Earth a Witch?

Blu of Earth

Due to the fact that Blu Earth discusses topics that most people avoid talking about, many people question if she is a witch. Additionally, some people believed she employed witchcraft to harm her purported NFL boyfriend’s career due to his recent poor performance.

The Things claim that Blu’s acquaintance spread the rumor that she might be a witch, which is how the conversation all began.

However, Blu Earth has asserted that she is not a witch and prefers to be known simply as “Blu,” not as “Blu Earth.” I don’t consider myself to be a witch, she clarified on her Instagram stories. You guys are all funny.

Blu of Earth’s Height & Weight

She is a gorgeous girl with great body measurements and a really good personality. Blu Earth is around 55 pounds and 5 feet 7 inches tall. She is in good health and has a lovely figure. She has blonde hair and greenish eyes

Fun Facts About Blu Earth

Here are some interesting things to know about Blu Earth:

  • A special school named Florescence was founded with assistance from Blu of Earth. According to Florescence’s Instagram profile, it is a contemporary mystery school that encourages women all over the world to discover their best selves and never lose sight of the true enchantment of being a woman.
  • More than a year ago, as Blu was engaged in a ceremony, the concept for Florescence first came to him. She was trying to think of a way to genuinely help the environment. Women can join the Florescence group in a variety of ways, and they recently launched a social media site where they can express themselves freely and without interference.

Here are some key highlights of Blu Earth:

  • She is talented in the arts.
  • At a TEDx event, she once discussed moving from feeling stuck to being free.
  • Blu stands a respectable 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighs roughly 130 pounds (or 59 kg).
  • Scorpio is her zodiac sign, which is connected to her birthdate.
  • People estimate her wealth to be between $1 and $2 million. Her work as a podcaster, artist, and social media influencer provides the majority of this income.
  • She resides in the American city of Los Angeles, California.


So, fellow, this was all about Blu of Earth. Hope so this post was informative for you all and you all enjoyed this post. There is no doubt that she is the one who brought a revolution to the industry of podcasts and is surely an inspiration for many newbies and youth. Surely she the idol of many people and she gets her achievements with hard work. 

So, fellows, this was all for today. Stay blessed and have a good day.

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