Who is Hannahowo: Her bio, age, net worth, affairs and more

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Hey fellows, I hope you are doing well. Today we are going to talk about Hannahowo. Who is she? Well, this question might come to mind; don’t worry, this article will cover all about her. Hannah and the words spoken by her owo get a lot of fame, go viral, and become the biggest trend. So, let’s discuss our talk with Hannahowo,

Introduction to Hannah owo

Hannahowo is a well-known personality in the United States. She is a model, OnlyFans star, Twitch streamer, media face, and social media influencer. Also, she became famous nationwide because of her bold and striking appearance.

She shares many stunning photos and videos on her official OnlyFans website and charges a small subscription fee for access. In addition, she has managed to attract a large following of tens of thousands of people as a Twitch streamer. She is a talented gamer who enjoys chatting with fellow players.

Who exactly is hannahowo?


According to reports from Legit, it has been revealed that Ms. Hannah Owo’s original name was Hannah Kabel, not Owo. She has gained popularity on various platforms, such as Twitch, TikTok, OnlyFans, and YouTube. Hannahowo is an American citizen who is of white ethnicity.

She has one older brother, and she is the youngest among them. When she returned to her hometown, Kabel decided to attend a prestigious private school. She has always been interested in clothes and cosmetics.

Owo gained popularity in 2018 because of her funny and entertaining TikTok videos, where she lip-syncs to popular songs. Hannah Owo is well-known on platforms such as OnlyFans, Twitch, TikTok, and Instagram, to name a few.

She shares various content on Twitch, including videos where she chats with her viewers and gameplay footage. People on TikTok are big fans of Hannah Owo because of her awesome lip sync and dance videos.

introduction table

Full nameHannah Kabel 
Place of birthUnited States
Body measurements31-24-33 inches (79-61-84 cm) 
Eye color, Hair colorBrown, Brown Marital 
ProfessionTikToker, Instagram, OnlyFans star,Twitch streamer

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Hannahowo is a well-known TikTok star from America. She is also an influencer known for her lip-syncing skills and social media presence. Many consider her a celebrity in her own right. She’s a TikTok and a young video gamer.

She is engaged in multiple endeavors, including being a Twitch streamer, a model, and a social media influencer. Also, she uploads gaming-related content on Twitch. She can share her dance and lip-sync videos with the popular TikTok app.

Also, she started on TikTok as her first social media platform, but before long, she also started sharing her content on other platforms. She has already amassed millions of followers. In real life, her name is Hannah Kabel. She also uses the username, but not aesthetically. She found a lot of success sharing short videos on TikTok.

What is the biography of Hannahowo?

Hannah, who goes by the username aesthetically Hannah, is a popular content creator on Twitch, TikTok, and social media platforms. She is based in the United States. She was born under the zodiac sign Scorpio. The woman has a mixed ethnicity. In addition, she follows the Christian faith and is a citizen of the United States.

She shares various entertaining videos on her followers’ page, and users must pay a small fee to watch them. She has a huge following on Twitch, where she streams live for thousands of people. Also, she engaged with all of us during her leisure time by showcasing her remarkable gaming skills.

She has a Twitch channel dedicated to her video game content. Furthermore, she regularly uploads vlogs on YouTube for her followers to enjoy. Also, her main focus is modeling and being more active on YouTube.

hannahowo educational life

Her formal schooling was finished right there in her hometown. Unknown to us, she pursued her secondary education at a different school throughout the years she spent in high school. Despite this, she did not continue her education by attending college because she became a successful internet influencer.

Total family members in HannanhOwo family

Like many other social media stars, Hannah prefers to keep her family life private and doesn’t share much information about them. She doesn’t want to share the names of her relatives or put them at risk. Because of this, it is uncertain what her parents’ names or professions are. It’s unclear what kind of childhood she had or whether her family approved of her online activity.

Who are the parents of HannahOwo?

I read online that her mother is a stay-at-home parent while her father works in a factory. Hannah grew up with a sister and a brother who played important roles. She dislikes talking much about her family history, early life, or formal education.

Hannah Owo’s relationship

Hannah may have a romantic partner. The beautiful model and streamer hasn’t shared any information about her relationship status online, so she may be single. It’s also possible that she prefers to keep her love life private and doesn’t want people to know anything about it. So, she keeps everything a secret. 

There have been previous reports suggesting that she has a boyfriend. Although there have been photos of Hannahowo with potential partners in the past, the current situation appears to be different. If Hannah enters a relationship, she will likely share the details with her fans. 

Is Hannah Owwo currently in a relationship?

Hannah is in a relationship with a boyfriend, but his identity remains a mystery. Since we’re unsure about her romantic status, we should assume she is single.

What nationality is Hannah Owo of?

She was born in the United States and is of Caucasian ethnicity.

What is the Age of HannahOwo in 2024?

Hannah was born in the United States on November 21, 2002. As of 2024, she will be 22 years old.

How tall and how much Hannah Owo is:

Hannah is about 167 cm, or 5 feet 6 inches, tall and weighs about 50 kg.

hannahowo career and struggles


Hannahowo’s journey as an influencer started back in 2018 on TikTok. As she kept on posting short videos, she also began to lip-sync. Also, she gained fame rapidly after her TikToks attracted a decent number of viewers. She has gained hundreds of thousands of followers, and her posts have received millions of likes.

She loves being active as a social media influencer on all social media platforms. Also, she decided to name her YouTube channel “Hannah Owo.” She uploaded her first video on her channel in January 2019, even though she had created it in March 2014.

Her channel mainly features videos about makeup. Due to technical difficulties, she has only managed to upload four videos on YouTube in the past two years.

She also started her Twitch channel in October 2020. In addition to streaming Just Chat sessions, she began streaming Genshin Impact and Phasmophobia video games on her channel.

How did Hannah Owo become so famous?

The American social media star gained fame in 2018 thanks to the popular video-sharing platforms Twitch and TikTok. Hannahowo Kabel used to share her lip sync, dance videos, Just Chatting videos, and gaming broadcasts on TikTok and Twitch.

Her Tik tok journey

Hannah Owo joined the TikTok community this year (2018). She was only sixteen years old. After signing up for the online community for uploading short videos, she quickly rose to fame with her funny and lip-sync videos. She became very well-known after appearing on Baby Ariel’s show, Baby Ariel X.

Her “Candy Crush,” “Tutorial,” and “How to Get Boys with Makeup” videos, as well as her “Mermaid Night Transformation Tutorial,” have all become viral sensations. Despite having her first TikTok account banned when her age was discovered, her new account, @hannahhhh.lmao, has amassed over 230,000 followers and five million views.

Hannah Owo’s TikTok username

Hannah Owo’s TikTok account, @itshannahowo, has received more than 61 million likes from her 3.8 million followers.

Why was her TikTok account deleted?

Hannah Owo’s TikTok account has been deleted. One of the reasons she got suspended was because she set age limits on user accounts. Additionally, she has a large and devoted following on streaming platforms such as Twitch.

About her YouTube journey

Hannah Owo started her first channel on the video-sharing site when she was 12 years old. She started her own YouTube page in 2014 and now has more than 477k followers.

Even though her YouTube channel was formed on March 2, 2014, the beautiful internet star didn’t post her first video, “It’s Q&A Boys,” until 2019. Hannah’s YouTube page has both personal information about her life and more general information, like how to do makeup.

Even though she hinted in the video before this one that she doesn’t spend as much time on 

Her most recent video, New Updated 2021 E-girl Makeup Tutorial, has been seen by more than 8.1 million people. Since she started her channel, over 9.5 million people have watched her videos, greatly boosting her income.

Her Instagram journey 

The Instagram user @itsaestheticallyhannah is said to have started using Hannah Owo in 2016, the same year she started her YouTube channel.

But she didn’t write anything else until 2021. Hannah’s first Instagram post was a short video of her moving and lip-syncing to “Let Me Be Your Woman” by Doja Cat.

The internet star then uploaded more and more pictures and videos of herself wearing skimpy 

lingerie and other sexy clothes. She has always posted things on Instagram for her more than 50,000 fans.

Her twitch journey


Hannah Owo joined Twitch in 2020 with the name NotAestheticallyHannah. She has more than 538k followers on Twitch right now. Hannahowo updates her channel often with videos of her playing games and content she makes with other popular Twitch players.

But she streams less on Twitch than on other sites. You can also find Hannah Owo on Snapchat and OnlyFans, which are not listed above.

She makes extra money by posting explicit material on the website OnlyFans. But her rise to fame has been fine. Since the beginning of her work, she’s been involved in more than one case.

What is the Total net worth of hannahowo?

Hannah Owo chose not to discuss her income. She probably wants to keep these details private. People have been estimating her income, especially since she is active on various websites. 

A significant portion of her income comes from her activities on OnlyFans, Twitch, and through generous donations. She charges $12 for a subscription on OnlyFans. Because she has numerous fans who subscribe to her OnlyFans account, it can be assumed that she earns a substantial amount of money on the platform. 

She is believed to earn around $1 million, although the actual amount could be lower or higher. 

Controversy Regarding Hannah Owo

SkinnyScoop said Hannah Owo faced much criticism after her Onlyfans video leaked. Hannahowo Na used to share personal photos and videos on her OnlyFans account. Videos and photos have been viewed by millions of people worldwide. The makeup-free footage has shocked people, and it’s been widely shared online. She must still comment on it or respond to it on her social media pages.

Let’s talk about Hannah Owo’s physique.

Hannah Owo stands at a height of 165 centimeters. She has a figure with measurements of 31–24–33 inches (79–61–84 cm) and weighs approximately 121 pounds (55 kg). Her eyes and hair are brown.

Some Unknown Facts:

  • She set up a brand new account using the name Hannah Pat instead of Shanna Howo to ensure she was not banned.
  • Hannah has created a Funny Romantic Tik-Tok profile.
  • The hit song “Moving On” by Sarah and the Sundays is among her favorite songs.
  • In 2018, she started becoming famous through social media.
  • At present, Owo’s YouTube channel is only home to four videos. The first is the “NEW Refreshed E-Girl Makeup Tutorial!”.
  • She is a fan of Genshin Impact on her video gaming console.
  • The stunning pictures she posts via her Instagram account. It has more than two million users.
  • She has a huge collection of Pokemon-related books. Pokemon series.
  • As a dancer and traveler, She has always been keen on getting to know new people.
  • Like her YouTube channel and her love for Korean food.
  • She doesn’t exercise or go to the fitness center.
  • Hannah has a cute cat called Earl, whom Hannahowo keeps as an animal.


This was a closer look at Hannah Owwo’s life. After her lip-sync videos on TikTok caught people’s attention, she pursued a career as a model. Hannahowo has built a thriving social media career and amassed a huge following of millions of fans.

We send our best wishes to her as she continues to succeed at this pace. In no time, she’ll reach the pinnacle of her career because of the increasing number of people who follow her.

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Who exactly is Hannah Owo?

Hannah Owo is a model from the United States, an OnlyFans famous people, a Twitch streamer, a media personality, and a social media personality.

What is Hannah Owo’s age?

Hannah will be 21 years old in 2023.

What is the citizenship of Hannah Owo?

Hannah Owo is an American citizen.

What is the total net worth of Hannah Owo?

Hannah’s net worth is estimated to be between $2 and $3 million USD.

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