Here are the Top Reasons to Install a French Drain in Your Home

French Drain in Your Home
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Here are the Top Reasons to Install a French Drain in Your Home

If you are a homeowner experiencing water drainage issues on your property (especially near your house), having a French drain installed is one of the most effective ways to get rid of the excess water. French drains are some of the best water management solutions out there, and they are great for basement drainage and mitigating water damage.

In addition to being practical, French drains can also add to the aesthetics of your property, and in this article, we shall be taking a look at some of the other reasons why you should have them installed in your home. If you require this to be fitted, search on Google for something like “damp specialists London” to find the very best company that is local to you.

To Prevent Standing Water

As a homeowner, there is no reason why water should still be sitting on your lawn a full day after rain or watering. Stagnant water is always accompanied by a host of other problems, such as muddy footprints all over your home’s entryway, the creation of a breeding ground for harmful pests like mosquitos and problems for your foundation.

By funneling water into an exit point of your choosing, a French drain helps prevent puddles from forming on your property. It also helps you avoid all the problems associated with water collecting at low spots on your lawn.

To Create a Stronger Foundation

As mentioned earlier, standing water can wreak havoc on your home’s foundation. The excess water can displace or weaken the surrounding soil and seep directly into the foundation, causing cracks along the way.

These cracks then compromise the structural integrity of your property and may even necessitate expensive foundation repair. With a French drain, excess water is redirected away from your home’s foundation, so issues like dampness, basement flooding, and cracks in the building foundation are avoided.

Quick and Easy Installation

Compared to the cost of dealing with water damage, setting up a French drain is a fairly cheap and quick investment. The installation process is also very quick, with the digging of the trench being the longest part of the process. As easy as French drain installation sounds, it should still not be taken on as a DIY project.

This is because when digging the trench, you run the risk of striking conduits and utility lines, which could result in a power outage, compromising a gas main, and even electrocution. Some states may also require you to have a permit in order to carry out the work.

To get the desired outcome, it’s best to leave French drain installations to trained professionals who know what they are doing.

Aesthetic Appeal

When most people think of drainage systems, they mostly picture ominous storm drains and ugly grates. Thankfully this is not at all the case with French drains. This type of drainage system can get the job done while seamlessly fitting into your landscape. In fact, it is possible to make your French drain an eye-catching surface addition to your landscape by picking out a gravel color that blends beautifully with your garden or lawn.

You can Decide Where the Water Goes

With French drains, you get to choose where the redirected water ends up. The pipes can be laid to deposit water either into the street, a drainage ditch or a low-lying area on your property. Whichever area you choose, do make sure that it is within the zoning regulations of your town or state.


French drains provide an excellent way for you to get rid of excess water from your property. They also offer other benefits like aesthetic appeal and easy and quick installation. If you plan on having a French drain installed, do make sure to hire the services of a reliable contractor or an installation company. Read more

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