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lena the plug
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Hey fellows, today we are going to talk about Lena The Plug. Who is she? What does she do?  Why is she so well-known? What’s her net worth? How’s her relationship going? And more about it. Well, she is so well known, but still, many people don’t know her, and if you are one of these people, then just don’t worry because I’m here for you. This post will clear up all of your queries regarding her. So what are we waiting for? Let’s start our talk over Lena The Plug.

Introduction to  Lena The Plug

Lena The Plug, also known as Lena Nersesian, is a popular YouTuber. She has become a well-known figure across the country thanks to her engaging YouTube videos that encourage viewer participation.

She shares prank videos, Q&A sessions, challenges, and other personal content on her YouTube channel. 45% of females and 55% of males watch her channel. She shares personal and explicit content on her ‘OnlyFans website and other social media platforms. She has received criticism from many people for her films.

Due to her dedication and utilizing her skills, she has managed to accumulate a net worth in the seven-figure range. If you want to know more about Lena the Plug, you can keep reading to find out her age, spouse, height, siblings, wiki, biography, parents, job, net worth, and other interesting details.

More about her 

Lena’s real name is actually Lena Nersesian. She recently celebrated her 30th birthday, and her friends sent her warm wishes on her special day. Lena The Plug attended a regular local school for her basic education. She also had a desire to continue her studies after completing her undergraduate degree, but unfortunately, she faced financial limitations that prevented her from doing so.

As of 2018, she is believed to have a net worth of around $1.5 million. In the past, she would frequently share fashion-based and makeup tutorials on her YouTube channel. According to data collected in September 2018, she earns a minimum of $2,200 to $49,000 per month and $27,600 to $413,000 per year from her channel.

All about her family

lena the plug
lena the plug

After graduating from high school, Lena The Plug Nersesian decided to leave her hometown. She had a desire to be independent and take care of herself. Without a doubt, she absolutely adores her parents. During the interview, she mentioned that she no longer had contact with her father and mother. Her parents cut ties with her because of her chosen profession as an adult. She hoped her parents would understand that she was working because it was her only way to make money.

However, we thoroughly searched the internet and various social media platforms, but unfortunately, we couldn’t find any information about them. I want to share with you that she and her mother made a video together, but she chose not to show her face in it.

From what I’ve heard, she is the only child of her parents and doesn’t have any brothers or sisters. However, her parents are Armenians.

About her relationship

Since September 2016, Lena Grandmaison has been in a relationship with Adam Grandmaison. I have a tendency to be the type of person who enjoys having a sense of control and planning things out beforehand. The way that this year would play out was not something that we were capable of predicting.

We were forced to call off so many of our planned activities. The fact that this kid is overdue by more than two weeks is serving as a valuable lesson for me. A few days ago, I decided to make preparations so that I could hold her in my arms. Hey, what are you waiting for? Already, we have a lot of love in our hearts for you. 

The findings came as such a shock to everyone. Even though she has her father’s appearance, he is really grateful that he was blessed with such a kind and gentle daughter.

About her children

Lean is currently in a relationship with her boyfriend, Adam Grandmaison. They started dating in July 2017. The couple has a daughter named “Parker Ann Nersesian,” who was born on November 14th, 2020.

In 2016, Lean and her boyfriend Adam caused quite a stir when she mentioned that Adam would be intimate with her friend Pal Emily. She even went as far as promising her followers that a video of their encounter would be shared. She received criticism for her actions, but this isn’t the first time the couple has made headlines.

Lena has shared multiple pictures of herself and her child on social media, where she introduced her daughter as Parker Ann.

All about her career 

Once Lena completed her education, she started working for a private corporation in Sweden. She wasn’t happy with her current job and wanted to find something more thrilling. She also contacted a few individuals who are in charge of a channel that airs adult content.

During an interview, Lena mentioned that she had been asked to film a scene without clothing, and she was offered a 50% share of the earnings. Nersesian wasn’t happy with the arrangement and wanted to work as a freelancer.

Lena created her very first video titled “10 Things You Didn’t Know About Me!” At that time, she was 23 years old.  Lena The Plug has also shared videos on her YouTube channel that focus on basic videos. She has been uploading videos discussing various topics since 2015.

Back in the day, topics like masturbation and other things that were seen as inappropriate to discuss were not openly discussed. She has gained more followers since she started uploading these types of videos on her page.

More about her career

Lena Nersesian made a YouTube account called Lena the Plug in 2016. Since then, she has used it to share videos of her working out. She has also started posting her own vlogs about her life.

Her channel, which has more than 120 videos, is full of daring and interesting videos that anyone interested in exercise or living a healthy life should watch.

Since she started her channel, Lena Nersesian has gained a huge number of loyal fans who like what she posts on social media and watch it over and over again. By the end of 2017, she had more than a million YouTube followers. 

As of 2019, she has more than 1.62 million followers, and more than 300 million people have watched her videos. She also has fans on Instagram, where she has over 2 million followers, and Twitter, where she has 1.7 million followers.

Her YouTube journey 

She started her channel and uploading videos on August 22, 2016. As of December 2021, her channel has 1.62 million subscribers and 167 million total views. She updates her channel every day with vlogs, pranks, challenges, Q&As, and more. On December 3, 2016, she released her first video on YouTube with the title “Hi, I’m Lena the Plug.”


lena the plug
lena the plug

The video, titled “OOPS! I CALLED YOU POTATO,” was published in March of 2017. With more than 28 million total views. Her video went viral, and she received praise from her fellow YouTubers. Due to the video’s unprecedented success on social media platforms in April of 2017.

Soon, everyone knew her name. Starting in November 2021. Over 1.7 million people liked it, and nearly 6 million people watched it. Her first video alongside Alissa Violet and Nikita Dragon, titled I Hate Lena The Plug, was released in May of 2017. 

Within the first month of its upload on YouTube, it had already amassed over three million views. In September of that year, she began uploading daily vlogs to her channel.

Her only fan journey

Lena has also signed up for an account on ‘OnlyFans.’ She has a total of 601 photographs and 149 videos on her account. As of December 2021, her content has received a total of 571.9k likes from people. Most people typically pay $5 per month to subscribe to her channel. Additionally, she provides discounts for bulk subscriptions.

Lena openly shares her personal and private moments with a large audience on various social media platforms. She has a significant following on Pinterest, with 717k followers, as well as on Instagram, where she has 556k followers. On Twitter, she has amassed an impressive 1.2 million followers, and on YouTube, her subscriber count reaches 1.62 million. On a daily basis, around 10,000 people tune in to watch her vlogs on YouTube.

Her net worth

Lena is able to earn a good income from her profession. In an interview, she mentioned that the majority of her income, around 95%, comes from selling access to OnlyFans memberships and premium Snapchat. The remaining 5% comes from sources like YouTube videos, social media accounts, onlyfans sites, brand partnerships, and other similar sources. In the previous year, she managed to accumulate a net worth of seven figures all by herself.

Oh, and by the way, I wanted to mention that she owns a car from the brand Ethel and shares pictures of it on her Instagram account. She also lives in a very luxurious house. She also decorated her living room with sofas, rugs, a large LED, plants, and various other decorative items. She is believed to have a net worth of between 3 and 4 million US dollars.

More about it

In 2017, she was recognized as one of the richest YouTube stars in Britain. According to her, she earns approximately £1 million (equivalent to around $1.3 million) every year from her various business endeavors.

Based on these numbers, it seems that her net worth is in the millions of dollars. Based on what we’ve heard, she seems to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle, complete with a fancy car and a collection of luxurious items at home, such as designer outfits and perfumes.

Her physique and measurements 

lena the plug
lena the plug

She is 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighs 53 kilograms. Her waist measures 24 inches. Her body shape is stunning, with a classic hourglass figure. 

Things which loves

  • If you enjoy watching Lena the Plug’s videos, then it’s likely that you have the same feelings about her as we do.
  • Check out some of our favorite statements from Lena the Plug to learn more about the things she enjoys doing in her spare time.
  • Her sartorial and cosmetic selections are consistently on the cutting edge of fashion.
  • When she’s not making videos for her channel, she enjoys spending time with her loved ones, including her family and her friends.

Her hobbies

  • Lena The Plug has a few interests outside of her work that she likes to talk about with her admirers.
  • Shopping is at the top of Lena’s list of favorite activities since she enjoys going on extended shopping trips.
  • Her time spent chatting with friends, both in person and on the internet, is her second favorite pastime activity.
  • A normal evening for  Lena The Plug can consist of having a glass of wine at home while doing some web browsing, or it might involve going out with her friends to a club or pub.
  • In addition to that, she enjoys going trekking and working out at one of the clubs in her neighborhood.
  • Lena’s interest in making nutritious meals for herself and her family dates back to when she turned thirty-two years old, when she first started paying more attention to what she put into her body.

Facts about Lean 

  • In addition, Lena Nersesian has recently become a mother for the first time.
  • Over 2.5 million people have subscribed to her channel on YouTube.
  • During the difficult moments in her life, she held jobs as a cashier at a grocery store and as a driver for Uber.
  • Adam 22 had a romantic involvement with the aforementioned individual.
  • In 2018, Lena participated in TanaCon as a guest and did an interview there.
  • In addition to this, she was raised in a very traditional Christian home.
  • The plug can now be used in Los Angeles, which is located in the state of California, in the United States of America.
  • As of this year (2019), she has spent 29 years in this world.
  • Lena is well-known for the content that has been deemed provocative as well as her exercise videos.
  • Lena is active on multiple social media platforms.
  • As of October 2019, she had 2.4 million followers on Instagram.
  • In addition, Tana Mongeau created TanaCon as an alternative to VidCon, a conference recognizing video content creators.
  • At the 2017 event, Mongeau was denied access as a “featured creator” by the former’s organizers.


So, fellows, this was about  Lena The Plug I hope this was informative for you all and that you enjoyed the post. Let me give you a short recap of Lena The Plug:

Lena has about 556 million Instagram followers and more than a million YouTube subscribers. According to sources, these engagements have earned Lena $400,000 in net worth. Given her wide and diverse fanbase, it’s little wonder Lena has such a great brand.

Lena became famous as a fashion and beauty blogger in late 2013. She started her YouTube channel in December and started video blogging a month later. Lena has built her following considerably by adding 2-3 videos every week to her channel.

So, this was all for today. I hope you all like it. Thanks for reading here. Have a good life.


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