Ghost’s “Mary on a Cross” Lyrics Meaning and much more in 2023

Mary on a Cross
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Ghost’s “Mary on a Cross” is an intricate and multifaceted rock song that uses religious symbolism to discuss love, sacrifice, and salvation. Lyrically, the song is about a couple whose relationship is rocky because they both want to be famous and successful but realize in the end that it’s all for nothing. They’re willing to put their relationship through hell together, yet they’re still in it because they love each other.

All information about this band

Swedish rock band Ghost first appeared in 2006. The band’s sound combines elements of traditional heavy metal and hard rock with a focus on melody and dramatic flair. The band members dress up in extravagant costumes, and the main singer has developed a distinct stage image as a Satanic anti-pope, which he plays up to during performances.

“Opus Eponymous,” the band’s debut album, was released in 2010 and received widespread acclaim. Ghost became one of the most promising new heavy metal bands thanks to the album’s combination of infectious songs, chugging riffs, and foreboding lyrics. Successful albums such as “Infestissumam” (2013), “Meliora” (2015), and “Prequelle” (2018) followed.

Their popularity hasn’t changed the fact that their identities are hidden beneath masks and costumes. The band’s aura of mystery and secrecy has contributed to its success and cult status as one of the most fascinating and original groups in modern rock.

Mary on a Cross Lyrics Meaning

Ghost’s lyrical focus in ‘Mary on a Cross’ is on how drawing parallels to the Holy Mary is offensive and sacrilegious because she was praying for Jesus then. How this song was constructed constantly hints at a plot twist involving marijuana use, a story about the misadventures of the band members, and the vile contrast between scatological tales and pious themes. The song has been panned because of its overtly religious subject matter. Let’s dissect Ghost’s song  lyric by lyric to determine its true meaning

Mary on a Cross
mary on a cross

Is Mary On A Cross A Religious Song

Coldplay’s “Mary on a Cross” is a well-known Christian rock song. The words are an encouragement to have faith in God and hope for the future. The hymn celebrates the hope that comes from Jesus Christ’s resurrection from the dead.

Since the hymn expresses a universal truth about Christianity and its hope in the Lord, it has been adopted by a wide variety of Christian groups. This song reminds Christians that God is with them at all times, even when they feel alone and abandoned by the world. The inspirational religious song calls on its audience to draw strength from their religion.

Mary On A Cross lyrics Unexpected Viral

Swedish occult rockers Ghost has just released their psychedelic smash hit, Mary on a Cross. Even though Netflix didn’t utilize the song, it received renewed interest after a TikTok user posted a slowed-down, reverb-filled version to the soundtrack of a Stranger Things compilation. But things took an unexpected turn for the better, and the song became a hit.

 It was later discovered that Ghost’s frontman, Tobias Forge, knew about the song’s success as soon as it was released. He found out about the song’s popularity in a most unusual way: by accessing a relative’s TikTok account. It’s become not only the band’s biggest hit but also the unofficial theme tune for the lives of many Stranger Things devotees. 

Ghost’s sudden viral success can be attributed to the band’s innovative utilization of a distinctive twist on their song, which has immediately attracted a new fan base.  The song  is not only beloved by fans of the Netflix series Stranger Things but it is often considered to be among the greatest works of literature.


The song “Mary on a Cross” by Ghost is blasphemous because it questions the purity of the Blessed Virgin Mary and treats the cross as a sexual symbol, just as the title suggests. The song can also be interpreted as a metaphor for the irrational thought processes that sometimes accompany drug use for fun. 

Excellent work capturing the depth of those feelings. When a person is high on recreational drugs, their brain functions differently. Despite some negative reviews, Ghost has been widely praised for its capacity to explore and reveal the subconscious through artistic expression.

Mary on a Cross
mary on a cross

 Mary on the Cross delves into the crazy ideas that can come to mind when you’re high. Questions like, “Is the Blessed Virgin Mary holy?” are fair game. How, if she was holy, did she give birth to Christ?”

IS Marie on a cross-SATANIC SONG?

Rather than showing a Satanic woman, “Mary on a Cross” makes me think of a woman who suffered alongside Jesus. However, others may argue that the group behind the music is Satanic.

In their minds, the music could have sinister overtones. What’s important is how each person interprets the words. Others may find song offensive because they believe it has Satanic overtones.


The Swedish rock band saw their 2019 track go popular on TikTok, so they decided to re-release it with a different pace. On August 25, 2022, the song was released again.

song has been viewed over 6 million times on YouTube, yet the updated version has only had 67,000 views. song Slower but like that one on TikTok’ is the name of a fan-made cover of the song that has been viewed more than 1.4 million times on YouTube.

Mary on a Cross
mary on a cross

Mary on a Cross Release date

This song is from Ghost’s EP titled “Seven Inches of Satanic Panic.” The track was released through Loma Vista Records on September 13, 2019. It contained only two songs. “Kiss the Go-Goat” is the other song found on the EP.


There’s been a song called “Mary on a Cross” around for a time, but what does it mean? Ghost’s “Mary on a Cross” is an inspiring call to embrace those of other religions and cultures. The hymn encourages us to share the story of Jesus’ sacrifice with our enemies as a way to demonstrate our love for them.

It’s a continual reminder of how we’re all connected, and how important it is to value one another and have love that lasts.

So, fellows, this was all for today. Stay blessed and have a good day.

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