Creative Themes to Make Your Corporate Event Stand Out

Creative Themes
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Planning a corporate event might sound as exciting as watching grass grow without the right approach. But worry not! This guide is your secret weapon to organising a corporate event that will have your staff eagerly anticipating the next one. 

Get ready to grip the edges of your office chairs, as we’re about to revolutionise your corporate gatherings with some fantastic event ideas. The essence of any event lies in its entertainment and planning, which is exactly what we’re going to focus on. 

Keep reading to turn your corporate event into an occasion everyone will remember!

4 Corporate Event Themes To Make Your Event Stand Out

Summer BBQ Bash

Hosting a BBQ outside the office allows everyone to dress down and enjoy the sunshine. This laid-back vibe encourages employees to open up, mingle freely, and form connections throughout the company. It’s the kind of corporate event that feels anything but corporate.

Location: Opt for a scenic park by a lake, which is often free or very affordable.

Decoration: Ask your corporate event company to arrange for large white tents, picnic tables with plaid tablecloths, cosy chequered blankets, and colourful balloons. For those wanting to elevate their decoration game, consider exploring these 35 summer-themed decor ideas.

Food: Keep it simple and satisfying with classic BBQ fare like burgers, hot dogs, potato salad, and corn on the cob.

Drinks: On a warm day, chilled beer and lemonade are perfect. Whip up a batch of refreshing mint juleps for a touch of sophistication.

Activities: Engage in easy-going outdoor games like croquet, badminton, or cornhole. Organise a company Olympics featuring classic field-day competitions such as dodgeball or relay races for a touch of competitive fun.

The Great Gatsby Theme

Embracing the opulence and glamour of the Roaring Twenties, a Great Gatsby-themed event will take the attendees back in time, encouraging them to dress up in period attire and immerse themselves in an era of unprecedented splendour. 

This theme breaks the ice with its sheer extravagance and encourages a night of sophisticated socialising and networking.

Location: A grand ballroom or an elegant estate provides the perfect backdrop, setting the stage for a night of Gatsby-esque luxury and celebration.

Decoration: Channel the 1920s with art deco designs, gold and black colour schemes, sparkling chandeliers, feather centrepieces, and strings of pearls draped over every surface. Consider integrating elements reminiscent of a speakeasy to add an air of mystery and exclusivity.

Food: Ask the caterer and the event management company to serve luxurious hors d’oeuvres and decadent desserts that reflect the lavishness of the era. Think oysters, shrimp cocktails, and bite-sized pastries accompanied by a tower of champagne glasses for a dramatic bubbly pour.

Drinks: Classic cocktails from the 1920s era, like mint juleps, gin rickeys, and sidecars, served in elegant glassware, are a must. A signature cocktail named after Gatsby himself can add a personalised touch.

Activities: Invite a jazz band to set the mood with live music from the period. Host a dance lesson to teach guests the Charleston or the Lindy Hop, ensuring the dance floor is alive and swinging. Consider adding a photo booth with vintage props to capture the night’s glamour.

The Murder Mystery Party Theme

A Murder Mystery Party turns an ordinary corporate event into an interactive whodunit, engaging attendees in a live-action puzzle. 

This theme encourages teamwork, sharpens problem-solving skills, and breaks the ice as colleagues collaborate to solve the mystery. 

It’s an excellent way to add intrigue and excitement, making the corporate atmosphere thrilling and memorable.

Location: Choose a venue with distinct rooms or areas, like a historic mansion or themed restaurant, which can serve as different scenes for the mystery. The more atmospheric the setting, the better the immersion.

Decoration: Decor should reflect the mystery’s setting, whether it’s a classic noir detective story or a lavish 1920s affair. Dim lighting, candlelit tables, and thematic props like fake weapons, vintage suitcases, or mysterious letters enhance the ambience. 

Food: Choose a menu that guests can enjoy while mingling and discussing clues. Finger foods, canapés, and small plates allow guests to eat without interrupting their detective work. The food can also be themed to the era or setting of the mystery.

Drinks: Serve cocktails and mocktails with names tied to the theme, like “Poisoned Chalice” or “Detective’s Digestif.” A signature drink that plays into the storyline can be fun, prompting guests to guess its relevance to the mystery.

Activities: The mystery itself is the main event. Each guest receives a character role ahead of time, with costume suggestions to fit their part. As the night progresses, clues are revealed through scripted scenes and improvised interactions, leading to the big reveal of the perpetrator. Adding challenges like deciphering codes or finding hidden items can deepen the engagement.

Back to the 90s 

A trip back to the 90s offers a nostalgic escape, inviting attendees to relive a decade filled with iconic pop culture, fashion, and music. 

This theme encourages everyone to don their best 90s attire, from grunge to glam, promoting a fun and relaxed environment. It’s an excellent opportunity for team bonding over shared memories or new discoveries about this vibrant era, making the corporate setting feel more personal and less formal.

Location: An indoor venue that can be easily transformed with bold 90s decorations or an outdoor space suitable for a 90s summer festival vibe. Think spaces that can accommodate colourful lighting, neon signs, and areas dedicated to different 90s pop culture niches.

Decoration: Embrace the decade’s trends with bright colours, geometric patterns, and pop culture posters. Set up areas themed around 90s video games, movies, and TV shows. Neon lights, inflatable furniture, and bean bags can add to the casual vibe, while a wall of fame featuring iconic 90s celebrities and influencers can serve as a great photo op.

Food: Serve up nostalgic snacks and dishes that were popular in the 90s, such as pizza bagels, mini tacos, Dunkaroos, and pop tarts. A DIY s’mores bar or a cereal buffet with vintage cereals can offer a fun, interactive dining experience.

Drinks: Create a menu of 90s-inspired cocktails and mocktails, such as “Zima Revival” and “Surge Surge.” Include classic sodas and fruit punches that were hits during the decade. For a fun twist, serve drinks in collectable cups featuring popular 90s cartoons or bands.

Activities: Set up a dance floor for a 90s music dance-off featuring hits from grunge, pop, and hip-hop. Karaoke with a 90s song list can provide endless entertainment. Consider hosting a 90s trivia contest or a costume contest to reward the best dressed in various categories like best grunge look, best pop icon, and best TV/movie character. Adding a corner for classic 90s games, from video games to board games, can engage guests in friendly competition.

Final Words

The right theme can transform an ordinary gathering into an extraordinary experience. From the laid-back vibes of a Classic Summertime BBQ to the suspenseful intrigue of a Murder Mystery Party and the nostalgic trip of a Back to the 90s theme, the possibilities are as limitless as your imagination. 

Yet, bringing these creative visions to life requires meticulous planning and a touch of expertise. This is where the value of professional corporate event companies shines brightest. 

With their experience and resources, these professionals can elevate your event, ensuring that every detail reflects your chosen theme perfectly.

With their partnership, you’re well on your way to hosting a standout event that will be remembered for years to come.

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