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Grace Charis
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Born in Newport Beach, California, Grace Charis is a well-known American golfer, model, social media influencer, Instagram star, content creator, businessman, and former OnlyFans celebrity.  Videos and pictures of her playing golf are more common on her social media pages.

Furthermore, she made a YouTube channel where she shared her amazing movies. Model, player, and social media star. Thousands of people follow Grace on social media. 

Who is Grace Charis?

Grace Charis is a famous American golfer, model, social media influencer, Instagram star, content creator, businessman, and former OnlyFans star from Newport Beach, California. People love these beautiful women’s amazing social media posts. She has a lot of fans on social media, and she plays golf very well. She has also worked with a lot of well-known names and stylish items.

Charis has also been a guest on a few podcast shows, according to the reports. Since Charis is a big name on the internet, she also made a YouTube channel with more than 553k followers.

Grace Charis Age & Early Life

Golf pro Grace Charis has been playing since she was a youngster in the United States. She has played the sport for a long time and has done a lot in her short career. She’s now one of the best players in the world and has reached the top of her field.

Elizabeth Charis was born in 1999 or 2001 in Newport Beach, California. She is 22 years old now and was born in the United States. Charis loves sports and has been playing professional golf since she graduated from high school. After finishing college, she started to focus on her job as a professional golfer.

Grace Charis Family, Parents & Siblings

Grace Charis
Grace Charis

Many people don’t know much about Grace Charis’s family and brothers because she likes to keep her private life private. She was born and raised in Newport Beach, California, USA, though. Also, no one knows if she has any brothers or not.

In the same way, there is no knowledge about her parents or what they do for a living. Grace hasn’t talked about her family in any of her talks or on any of her social media sites. It looks like she wants to keep her private life separate from the public one.

Short Career

Charis has done a lot in her short time. As a result, she is now one of the best players in the world. Within her area, she has done very well and won many tournaments. 

Within the month, Charis plans to take part in the LPGA Championship. She is an incredibly skilled player who will definitely do well in this event. One of the best players, her fans always love watching her. Aside from that, she is a well-known and respected golfer, and her peers rate her very highly. The sports world knows her well for her golfing accomplishments.

Early Education

She Early Education is an American company with roots in education that helps kids in the United States with early childhood education and care. The company was started by Grace Charis in 2012. She went to a well-known private high school and then to college in the United States. 

Childhood Care Program

She Early Education also has a full-time school for kids ages 6 months to 18 months that takes care of them all the time. Toddlers who are still in diapers can join this class. The program watches over the kids who sign up during the day and at night. As part of a program meant to help kids learn important life skills like how to get along with others, talk to them, and move their bodies, kids will play sports.

Nationality & Zodiac Sig

She still holds American citizenship, but no choice has been made about her zodiac sign.

Her Height & Weight

She is a healthy, fit woman who follows all the rules, which shows how much she cares about her health. Her body measures are now 34-26-35. She is slim and has a fair number of curves. It is written that she is 5’6″ (170 cm) tall and weighs 121 lbs (55 kg).

A healthy, well-balanced food is how Grace Charis takes care of her body. She stays away from eating too much sugar and bad foods. For her health’s sake, she also works out daily and sticks to a strict schedule.

Fitness-loving Grace Charis has always been interested in staying healthy. People who want to stay healthy can look up to her because she does everything the right way. A great model of how to stay at a healthy weight and live a healthy life is her.

Before Grace Charis Fame

Grace Charis
Grace Charis

The college golf girls got their start as stars on social media, and they became very famous through those accounts. She gets a lot of attention from the media as a fashion model and a young golfer whose hot photos and videos made her famous.

Grace first became well-known when she put online videos of herself playing golf. Her movies went viral very quickly, and she became well-known. Since then, she’s been in a number of popular fashion ads and even been on the cover of a magazine.

Grace is really good at golf, but she is also a beauty model. Fashion fans quickly became fans of her after seeing her hot pictures and videos modeling. Some of the best magazines in the world have even written about her.

Grace Charis Career

Since the time she was a child, Grace Choi has loved golf, and now she plays professionally. Choi has played golf since she was in college, getting her degree in business administration. 

Since she started playing professionally a few years ago, Choi has won a lot of awards. In 2016, the Women’s Professional Golf Association named her Rookie of the Year. Choi has earned many titles and honors along the way as he has moved up the business ladder since then.

Collaborate with Various Illustrious Companies

Since Choi is a model, she has done work for many well-known brands, such as Estee Lauder, Nike, and American Eagle. Choi is also a part of the Only Friends network, which has helped her get a lot of friends who respect her. 

Choi works as a model full-time, but she’s also a great player. She has taken part in a number of big games. She did well in those games and won many medals and trophies. As a professional player, Grace Choi is very good at what she does and has already done very well. She’ll be able to build on her success in the years to come.

Grace Charis Golf & Profession

Grace Charis is a famous golfer who has worked hard her whole life to become a professional player. Once she was done with her postsecondary schooling, she focused on becoming a professional golfer. She also posts videos of herself playing golf on a lot of different social media sites.

Grace has been interested in golf since she was a little girl. She made a promise to practice regularly, which helped her skills get better very quickly. After that, she put all of her attention on golf and very quickly became much better at it.

High Level of Competition

When you watch Grace play golf, it’s clear that she has played against skilled people. She really wants to play against the best players in the world and is very competitive. charis gives tips to people who want to learn how to golf and often updates people on how she’s doing on the course.

Social Media Profiles  

charis is an Instagram, OnlyFans, and TikTok star, as well as an American player and social media star. She can be found on OnlyFans and TikTok as well. She had 967k followers on Instagram and had shared 59 times at the time this story was written. Charis also has a biography on the website of her only fan. 

She made money by selling different things on her Instagram account and other social media accounts because she was a social media star. She is famous on Instagram, but she has also been on Snapchat, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, and OnlyFans.

Her YouTube Channel

Charis also has a YouTube channel under her own name where she posts daily vlogs, beauty, fashion, Glam, and makeup lessons, among other things. She was also able to work with some big names to sell their goods and make some extra cash. She was able to do that. 

In the past, she made money by doing different kinds of odd jobs. Her job, on the other hand, is well-established now. In terms of her education, she went to a well-known private high school but did not get a degree from a recognized university. Compared to then, she now lives a luxurious life and is happy to own expensive cars, a mansion, and many other things.

Grace Charis Boyfriend & Dating

Grace is a beautiful player. The people who followed her on different social media sites also paid a lot of attention to her. However, details about Grace’s most recent relationships have not yet been made public.

 Charis does not have a partner, according to the information we have. On social media, she has also worked with a number of famous models and stars. 

Her Net Worth

Grace Charis
Grace Charis

This pretty woman makes a good living as a professional golfer, which helps her support her family. Besides that, her OnlyFans account also brings her money. She is said to have started her line of stylish merchandise, according to the rumors.

 On her formal website, you can buy any of the things she’s made. She now lives a very nice life in the United States where she went. As of January 2023, Grace was thought to have a net worth of around $200,000.00. (2 or 3).

Grace Charis’s Interests

There aren’t many better female players in the world than Grace Charis. 

Anything outside makes Charis very happy, and her love of golf has taken her all over the world to play in events. There is a golf course in Scotland called The Links that she loves.

Charis can also write well, and he has contributed to magazines like Golf Digest and Golf World with pieces. Her book is called “Bouncing Back: My Journey from the Brink and Back to Golf’s Top Table.”

Charis speaks out about her struggles with anxiety and sadness and is a strong supporter of mental health. She also backs the National Mental Health Association and the “Team Mental Health” program on the PGA Tour.

Charis is a great female player who has done a lot in her career. Anyone who wants to work in sports should look up to her, and her story motivates everyone who reads it.

Grace Charis Fun Facts

  • She is one of the best and most famous players in the world. 
  • She has played in a lot of professional events and won a few of them.
  • Grace also has over two million Instagram fans, making her a well-known figure on the platform.
  • She works as a model and has done work for some of the biggest names in the business. 
  • Grace also writes material and has done so for a number of websites and magazines. 
  • She is also a star on the app OnlyFans, where more than a million people follow her. 
  • Grace is a businesswoman who just started her own line of clothes and accessories. 
  • She also cares about others and has given money to many causes. 
  • The fact that Grace has done so well in business, social media, sports, modeling, and content creation shows what a great person she is.


As a player, Grace is American and has had a lot of success. She has won a number of events and been named to a number of All-America teams. It’s true that Grace Charis is a great person and a great player. 

She cares about other people and is always ready to help them. It’s no secret that Grace Charis is a great person and a great player. She has earned every bit of success in her work and will continue to do so in the years to come.

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