Sourcing Talent: Innovative Approaches for Small Businesses

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Are you seeking to build up a team that will stand the test of time at your business? Do you need new talent to help you reach the company goals that you have in mind? If so, there are top practices for finding and keeping great people for your brand. The following tips will help you source great talent for innovative approaches for your brand: 

Look into candidates’ history

If there is one step that is important when considering a candidate’s potential, it’s definitely looking at their history. Cheap background checks may not be the first thing you think about when checking out a new hire, but getting to know their history can help you make an informed decision. While mistakes from one’s youth are one thing, background checks can help you get a glimpse into whether one will impact the integrity of a company, and this is especially key for small businesses

Network for new hires

There are plenty of hiring websites out there and recruitment agencies. These are solid methods for finding new hires. But as a small business that is getting off the ground in your area, you may find it helpful to network locally to find people that you can rely on. Connect with other businesses in your industry, speak to connections, and get it out there that you’re looking to put together a team. Having that extra layer of recommendation from someone you know can provide you with peace of mind. 

Additionally, networking at local events can put you in touch with potential candidates that you may not have seen online who can bring plenty of skill and talent to your brand, so don’t rule out the power of networking when looking for new team members

Hire freelancers

If you have various projects coming up, for things like writing or illustrating, etc., but don’t foresee needing these skills in your everyday work, there is power in hiring freelancers. It can save you money while also providing you with invaluable talent that makes your unique projects complete successes. From sites like Freelancer designed to connect talent with brands to old-school methods like posting on Craigslist, you’ll find various options for connecting with freelancers who can create amazing results for your brand. 

Test skills before bringing them on

A resume can say a lot, but it’s the skills that prove themselves. In some types of jobs, you may have the potential candidate give an example class or presentation. But an easy way to test one’s skill in this day and age is to use software designed for aptitude testing. 

Testing skills can help you look beyond just the resume and even the character of a potential hire and also make sure that they can offer the talent you really need on the job. While character matters, you want both the skill and the integrity for the position you’re trying to fill. 


Offer stellar onboarding

Once you’ve made your talent decision, it’s time to bring them on and offer the kind of onboarding that helps set everyone up for success. The onboarding process can provide your new hire with the confidence and information needed to fill the position in a way that won’t disappoint. Make sure to define your onboarding process before bringing on new hires, so that when it’s time for them to get started, they are expertly trained to succeed in your company

The hiring process is only a small part of the magic of putting together a stellar team. Onboarding ensures your new hires can live up to your expectations. 

In Conclusion

You want to be sure to hire the kind of people that can propel your brand forward. With networking, skill testing, and proper onboarding, your recruiting and training can help you put together a team that helps your business become the success that you want it to be.

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