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IPS Cambodia
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Do you know what a desired real estate company or agency is? A company that can help you find the property, as per your budget and preferences while helping you with property management and after-sale services. One such company that can help you find property anywhere in Cambodia is IPS Cambodia. 

If you are looking for a trusted real estate partner to help you find a home or office in Cambodia, IPS Cambodia expert real estate agents can provide you with expert services. 

IPS Cambodia has a huge team of experienced agents who can help you find the property per your needs, budget, and preferences. They are familiar with the rules, regulations, current prices, market trends, etc., So if you are searching for any property in Cambodia, read this blog further. 

Some Facts About Cambodian Real Estate

Cambodian real estate is continuously growing and is the perfect opportunity for investors and buyers looking forward to living or investing in Cambodia. Also, the government has made many policies and laws to support foreign investment in real estate in Cambodia. 

  • The real estate market of Cambodia will grow about 9-15% in 2033 and then 15-20% in 2024.
  • Phnom Penh is Cambodia’s most popular area, followed by Siem Reap and Sihanoukville.
  • Foreigners living in Cambodia demand and seek out investment and living opportunities in these three places: Chamkarmon, Daun Penh, and Toul Kork. 
  • The Cambodian government has invested billions in infrastructure to create more work and job opportunities, attracting more people to live in India. 
  • The percentage of people who are living on their own in Cambodia is decreasing every year. 
  • The most popular type of property being sold in the capital city of Cambodia, Phnom Penh, is studios and one-bedroom apartments. 

Why Choose IPS Cambodia?

IPS Cambodia is a leading real estate agency that deals in many types of properties at different locations all over Cambodia. From affordable houses to luxurious apartments and villas, they have been helping people find their dream homes for over 20 years. These are more reasons why IPS Cambodia should be a top real estate agency choice. 

IPS Cambodia
IPS Cambodia

Knowledgeable Team

IPS Cambodia and the team know all Cambodian rules and laws related to real estate and can help you with the legal paperwork required to lease or buy land. They have all the necessary information and updates about the various properties, neighborhoods, and current market situations.

Transparent And Informative 

IPS Cambodia and the team are transparent about all the positive and negative aspects of a property, helping the buyer choose the property accordingly. Everyone knows how anyone can be robbed and made a fool in the real estate market. They tell you about all the extra charges by the owner, plus all the fees IPS Cambodia charges to find your dream home.

Loyal Towards Customer 

IPS Cambodia and its team are loyal to customers with bargains, legal paperwork, and prices, which makes it the best real estate agency in the Cambodian real estate market. Because of this loyalty, they have been in touch with many customers and their families. 

After-Sales Service

At IPS Cambodia, they don’t just stop at property sales; if the customers have any trouble after buying, they help them too. Whether it’s repair work, maintenance, or unforeseen property issues, they can solve anything.

Range Of Services Provided By IPS Cambodia

Rentals And Sales

They have a collection of residential properties which includes apartments, condos, houses, and even luxury villas. 

Commercial Property Help

They also offer the rent and sale of commercial properties, including office spaces, shops, or even restaurants, at the right budget and preference.

IPS Cambodia
IPS Cambodia

Property And Land Valuations

They help with an accurate property valuation and can help in other things like applying for a loan or disputing a property tax assessment. Besides this, IPS Cambodia can also help collect all the documents and paperwork required to sell or buy land. 

Property And Project Management

If a real estate agent struggles to manage properties, the team can find tenants, collect rent, and deal with other relatable issues. They will find tenants and get a profitable deal for both owner and the buyer. 

Property Search And Ownership Transfer 

IPS Cambodia helps get the land from the first step of finding the right property to transferring ownership. Other than that, it also helps in the process of land registration, getting the paperwork done, collecting money, etc.


IPS Cambodia
IPS Cambodia

Now you know why IPS Cambodia is the best real estate agency to buy land in Cambodia or list your property to find tenants. Other than this, their understanding of the Cambodian market can help you find the perfect property for a home, office, or even a resort. Their services are available in different cities in Cambodia, where you can find the property as per your dreams and budget.

Do your search for an apartment or condominium, and check out the IPS Cambodia property search option to learn more. Read more

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